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Multiplied By One Org: Trauma & Dissociative Disorders

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Multiplied By One Org is an international nonprofit for trauma and dissociative disorders. Our services support those with Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD), depersonalization, derealization, fugue, Maladaptive Daydreaming, Dissociative Identity Disorder, OSDD, and loved ones.

App for DID/OSDD Systems

In production by a team of volunteer developers


A rich list of resources for trauma and dissociation

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Online Support Groups

Online support groups for CPTSD, all dissociative disorders and Loved Ones of DID/OSDD systems

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Real Eyez Nation Magazine

A digital and print Magazine on trauma and dissociative disorders for the community and professionals


Therapist Directory

Professional allies may begin intake for a profile in an upcoming dissociation therapist directory



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Vision Statement

Our Vision

In registering as a nonprofit organization in Canada on March 10th, 2022, our vision statement defined a long-term aspiration to be a change-maker. “To instil a validation of individual experience that is so widespread, if fills the gap in mental health equality.”

Dissociative disorders must not be an underserved or rejected classification in the mental health field. Those seeking services are often met with meagre options. Where there are few resources, we aspire to create them. Where there is a lack of understanding and awareness, we strive to educate.

While often stigmatized and misunderstood, we find strength in our community.

The roots of this organization are founded on determination, perseverance, and concrete goals. Services such as online support groups, our Real Eyez Nation Magazine, or our upcoming app for DID/OSDD systems are only the beginning of impact.

Our honest hope is that you join us on this journey. To stay up to date, follow our newsletter.

Statistics on Dissociation

1 %
Experience a dissociative episode in their lifetime
1 %
Dissociate to the point of the classification of a disorder
1 %
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They say, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. We prefer to join voices with a resounding roar. With your help, our reach, our work, meets with the impact of your kindness. Consider donating.

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Sponsor a membership for those needing assistance! We will not turn anyone away. With your help, services are guaranteed to not only be available, but for this organization to optimally continue its work.

In Affiliation With The Bag System Podcast

In The Bag System Podcast, Melissa demonstrates that Dissociative Identity Disorder isn't all a tragedy and there can be a fondness for Headmates.

While alternate identities may sound like science-fiction, perhaps, just like the skin we wear, the vulnerability for the mind to break is merely human and relatable. Though, Melissa prefers to see this, not as the mind breaking, but rather, bending, with more of us now to help each other mend.

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Email: [email protected]

Phone: 1-778-653-5007 (Canada)

Mailing Address:
5307 Victoria Drive #993
Vancouver, BC, Canada, V5P 3V6


Providing an access point in self-help, information, and qualified support


To instil a validation of individual experience that is so widespread, it fills the gap in mental health equality


Authenticity: Be true to our values; wear them and live by them.

Inclusivity: Dedication to making support & services accessible for all.

Allyship: People come first. Help them up.

Community: A collaboration with peers to create a pillar of positive change and camaraderie.