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Donate to Multiplied By One Org

Donate to Multiplied By One Org

Be a force of impact, Be A ChangeMaker

Programs and services of Multiplied By One Org are growing, as is their impact. Our first nonprofit Annual General Report demonstrates how far we can sail with so little. With zero dollars in the organization’s bank account for the first four months, with funds trickling in, our paper clip and popsicle stick level revenue shouldn’t have even built a raft, and yet, we sail.

Consider the impact of donating or sponsoring a member.

While the subscription fees for the online support groups are low, approximately 40% of our members access the groups via a waived fee, as finances are limited.

A monthly membership is 10 CDN or 7.50 USD, and an annual is 79 CDN or 59 USD. The funds from memberships branch out to all of our services. By sponsoring a member, you support their care with Multiplied By One Org and enrich our programs.