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Pocket Advocate, Dissociative Disorders Profiles & Maps

Pocket Advocate by Multiplied By One Org allows those with dissociative disorders to create profiles and maps. The profiles are accessed via shareable links to first responders or anyone who needs to assist those in dissociative states. The system maps are for those with Dissociative Identity Disorder or OSDD.

Profile Features

Pocket Advocate App Profile


Create a shareable profile with your diagnostics, medication, triggers, things that help, or added custom information.

QR Codes

Generate a QR code that can be scanned to take a first responder directly to your profile.


An optional password can protect your profile from access.

System Map Features

Create Your System Map

System Map Example

System Map

Create a shareable map of your alters and subsystems on cards with names, pronouns, roles, and added information.


Keep your map private, if preferred, or make individual alters hidden.


Share your map with optional passcode to anyone you wish.

For the First Responders

Advocacy to First Responders


A link or a QR code will lead to a profile with information for first responders to best assist in an emergency.


Information on dissociative disorders in the footer of every page is available for first responders.

Contact an Advocate

A feature is coming soon to contact an advocate at Multiplied By One Org who can answer additional questions.