About Multiplied By One Org

About Multiplied By One Org

The Meaning Of ONE

The origins of the concept behind the name of this organization came from how any number multiplied by one will be as it was. Just like one person may have many parts, they can also be one, or a whole of parts, in functional multiplicity.

There are very few resources for dissociative disorders, particularly Dissociative Identity Disorder. In Canada, like other countries, institutions and organizations know little, if anything, about treating this community. We seek to be part of a change.

Where there are few services, build them. When there is no hope, create it.

Mission: Providing an access point in self-help, information, and qualified support

Vision: To instil a validation of individual experience that is so widespread, it fills the gap in mental health equality


  • Authenticity: Be true to our values; wear them and live by them
  • Inclusivity: Dedication to making support & services accessible for all
  • Allyship: People come first. Help them up
  • Community: A collaboration with peers to create a pillar of positive change and camaraderie

Volunteer Driven

Multiplied By One Org is volunteer driven at its core, as the Board Of Directors and founder are hard at work and dedicated to providing services for the community.

Valued volunteers offer time and skills to host online support groups, assist with member intake screenings, magazine articles, volunteer coordination, grant research and writing, marketing, and app development.

As programs grow, the need for volunteers rises, which will allow an expansion of value in what we offer, as well as build supportive camaraderie according to Core Values.

Annual General Report 2023

The first fiscal year of Multiplied By One Org ended on March 9th, 2023. This is our nonprofit report of activities and financial statement. 

The building up of this organization was accomplished entirely via equity, volunteer hours, and perseverance. Multiplied By One is not led by manpower. The few of us making this engine turn for this cause are driven by willpower.

Melissa C. Water

Founder and Director of Incorporation

As the founder of Multiplied By One Org, Melissa C. Water is an author and mental health advocate living with Dissociative Identity Disorder and Tourette syndrome. Through projects, like The Bag System podcast, her hope is to demonstrate the human element to a concept so often viewed as tragic or fascinating.

Her vision for this organization is her priority mission, as the individuals involved are the forces that drive her forward.

Jason A. Carr

President of the Board

Jason A. Carr began their journey with Multiplied By One Org as a valued supporter for this cause and community. As a consistent source of wise council, leadership was a natural course with Presidency.

With an education and career in bioinformatics, Jason contributed to research for Real Eyez Nation Magazine, as well as a dependable collaborative shoulder to lean.

Rainbow Edgar

Vice President of the Board

Rainbow Edgar is among the earliest to share the vision of Multiplied By One. As a support group host, they have helped create a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for members.

Rainbow recently began their career as a psychotherapist after receiving their limited license in clinical social work. They are passionate about uplifting lived experience and celebrating neurodiversity.

Lorenzo Guerriero

Treasurer of the Board

As a dedicated ally, Lorenzo is an accountant based in Montreal, Canada. 

Megan Novak

Director of the Board

Megan, as a therapist working with trauma and dissociation is an ally and a dedicated support to this community. 

Zain Shaikh

Director of the Board

Zain brings a dedication to furthering our mission with wisdom in marketing and outreach.