About Multiplied By One

The Meaning Of ONE

Origins Of ONE

The origins of the concept behind the name of Multiplied By One came from that any number multiplied by one will be as it was. Just like one person may have many parts, they can also be one, or whole, in functional multiplicity.

Melissa C. Water is a functionally multiple member of The Bag System; together, they created the Multiplied By One app concept and design, and they managed the resulting project into a nonprofit organization.

Mission: Providing an access point in self-help, information, and qualified support

Vision: To instil a validation of individual experience that is so widespread, it fills the gap in mental health equality


  • Authenticity: Be true to our values; wear them and live by them
  • Inclusivity: Dedication to making support & services accessible for all
  • Allyship: People come first. Help them up
  • Community: A collaboration with peers to create a pillar of positive change and camaraderie

Volunteer Driven

Multiplied By One org is volunteer driven at its core, as the Board Of Directors and founder are hard at work and dedicated to getting our programs and services launched and available.

As programs grow, the need for volunteers will rise, which will allow an expansion of value in what we offer, as well as build supportive camaraderie according to Core Values.

Founder and CEO

Melissa C. Water

Founder And President

Melissa C. Water is an author and mental health advocate living with Dissociative Identity Disorder and Tourette syndrome. She works with a system of Headmates who manage the creation of a web app for DID/OSDD. Through projects, like The Bag System podcast, their goal of contributing to an inclusive future for a stigmatized community leads to expanding on efforts and outreach.

Melissa is the founder of Multiplied By One with a dedicated vision for its future, and for the unique contributions in support this organization will bring to a stigmatized community.

Melissa M. Hackett

Melissa M. Hackett


I am a cPTSD warrior and passionate about ending the stigmas around mental health. I hope by my example others can get the help & find the recovery they deserve. I am extremely passionate about any mental health tools, such as Multiplied By One, that increase patients access to the recovery they deserve!