DID Online Support Groups

Online Support Groups For Dissociative Disorders

Multiplied By One offers virtual, online support groups. Categories include for Dissociative Identity Disorder and OSDD, or Derealization and Depersonalization, or Maladaptive Daydreaming. There is potential for a support call for family or partners of DID/OSDD systems, if enough interest.

Available Groups:

What safety measures are taken?

Who has access?

How are the calls hosted?

How are the groups run?

Online Support Groups Sign-Up Form

After sign up, individuals will be invited to meet 1:1 with a member of the Multiplied By One team for a few pre-screening questions. This is for group security to prevent trolls. A disclaimer will need to be signed, as well as an agreement to rules of conduct.

There is a low monthly subscription fee with an option for a discount at yearly. For those genuinely unable to afford the fee, we are looking into options for a month-by-month sponsorship.