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Online Support Groups For CPTSD, Dissociative Disorders, and Loved Ones

Multiplied By One Org is an international nonprofit offering online support groups for CPTSD, dissociative disorders, and Loved Ones of Dissociative Identity Disorder systems. Groups combine peer and qualified support in an environment conducive to self-expression, coping skills, and a safe space to relate.

Available Groups:

Trauma-Informed Addiction Recovery (T.I.A.R)

How are the groups run?

What safety measures are taken?

ABOUT Trauma-Informed Addiction Recovery (T.I.A.R)

This group is focused on addictions or negative coping of all forms and is a trauma-informed alternative to 12-Step programs. These have no higher-power focus, no badges to win or lose, no defining for others what their recovery should look like, no forgiveness requirements, and no back at square one. Learn More.

What is the group stance on inclusivity?

When it comes to ethnicity, gender, and gender identity, the only thing we do not tolerate is intolerance. Multiplied By One Org is LGBTQinclusive, which includes EVERY letter.

Online Support Groups Intake Form

Monthly: 10 CDN (7.50 USD)

Annual: 79 CDN (59 USD)

Those who genuinely cannot afford the fee may select the option to be sponsored to up to one weekly group series.

Intake triage calls over Zoom are required to ensure safety in the groups and are held in a kind and welcoming manner. 


Brilliant support groups. Really helpful and build a sense of community and belonging not found elsewhere. Screening process helps groups feel secure. Cant wait to see what happens in the future. Looking forwards the app!


TrustPilot Review


MBO has been great in helping me/us to connect to other systems and have more than just Community, but also understanding. A great group of people await those of us in need, and it is all of us. This group gave me Hope


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[…] What initially began in apprehension mixed with a glimmer of hope has been transformed into a newfound sense of acceptance and validation. […] We are genuinely grateful to have discovered somewhere safe enough to connect & learn to be our authentic selves ~ together.

ebb & flow

TrustPilot Review


This organization is truly a lifesaver. I feel so much more supported and connected since starting to receive services from multiplied by one. The resources they provide truly have transformed my life.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The Guidelines are provided in a document within the onboarding process. We request that they be carefully read, as entrance to the groups depends on agreeing to the Group Guidelines. This ensures a safe, inclusive, and comfortable environment for members. 

The funds support the sustainability and continuance of our programs. This includes licensed Zoom software and keeping the organization’s virtual lights on for general administrative fees. This also contributes to other services for the community.

We’ve received a few very kind donations that covered part of or a full year for sponsored members, but the majority of the sponsorships are provided with no income and are purely waived fees. The sponsored members are cared for with no division in class to those who pay. Their care is covered by volunteer hours and an honest desire to create accessibility.

Any group category that applies to your lived experience is open to join. A basic membership covers a single group per week in one category, though added groups can be requested with adjusted fees. Fully sponsored members can access one group of their choice.

Each group list per category meets once per week at a set time.

A few of our groups pause for holidays, depending on host availabilities.

This is not a points loss system where you lose access to your membership for missing a certain number of calls. Life plans come up for everyone, and we understand that fully.

Switching between parts/alters is inherent to Dissociative Identity Disorder or OSDD. We support everyone in a system; not only the host. ALL parts welcome!

We have a quality capacity limit for each group list that is most conducive for a conversation where members can best hold a chance to speak. Some group lists may find around 15 in average attendance, including the hosts, while other lists are still growing. When a specific group grows enough, an additional day is added to that category.

The Loved Ones of DID systems group is for all contexts of loved ones. This includes partners, siblings, daughters, sons, best friends and more.

Those who grew up in a high-control religion or cult may experience intense feelings of anxiety similar to CPTSD. This can include ex-Mormon, ex-Scientologists, or exJW.

RAMCOA stands for Ritual Abuse, Mind Control, and Organized Abuse. This programming, in reference to DID, can include the intentional splitting of alters.

The only restriction on global location is the applicants accessibility for current available times of day that groups are hosted, or on access to Zoom video.

While some group day options are conducive to the Americas in the evening, which falls the next day near noon hour for Australia, or early morning for China, they are the middle of the night for the UK regions.

The reverse holds true for groups held in the morning or early afternoon for Americas, while evening for UK regions, but the middle of the night for Australia or China regions.