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Intake Process

Group Member Intake Process

Support group membership intake begins with filling out an application form to let us know what group is of interest, what their preferences are, and details on their relationship with the topic.

A response can take anywhere from a day to a week. A scheduling link is sent to set a time and day for a pre-screening video call over Zoom. The screening is conducted in a kind and comfortable manner where the applicant can ask questions or address concerns about the groups. This appointment allows more of a barrier between the public and the link in accessing the groups, which protects members’ safety and privacy.

After discussing the groups and their guidelines and addressing any questions, applicants are sent the Group Guideline document to read. We stress the importance of reading the guidelines, as all members sign a form to consent and agree. This short form requests to provide, or waive to provide, an emergency contact address in case something happens on the other side of the screen during a call that requires assistance. Every member decides for themselves whether to accept or waive. 

The name and phone number of an Emergency Contact Person, which can be a friend or family member, is required. Those struggling to locate a contact person may contact the groups for support.

The payment information for those who can cover the fee is on the other side of the agreement form. The options are monthly or yearly and are processed through Stripe. A link is provided to a Member Portal in Stripe where the subscription plan can be changed.

Members are then onboarded to the group category and day/time of their choice.