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Our Changemakers

Our Changemakers

The volunteers at Multiplied By One Org are our Changemakers. They give their time, insight and interest in contributing to making a difference for those with trauma, all dissociative disorders, and loved ones.


CPTSD and Loved Ones Group Host

Taylor earned a bachelor’s degree in Human Kinetics in Canada and is now working towards a Master’s in Counselling Psychology. With an understanding of Clinical Exercise Physiology and adept at research, Taylor seeks to combine those skills by assisting those with lived experience.


Member Safety Committee & Training Evaluations

The Medley System (M) is a Board-Certified Music Therapist. They are a replacement host for various group days when needed. M offers valuable insight, assists with host training evaluations group/event planning, and is part of the Member Safety Committee.


Member Safety Committee & Internship Supervision

Kim is a Social Worker and author in the USA with 23 years of professional experience. They lead the Member Safety Committee and supervise internships.


CPTSD Group Host

Nadya is in Canada and worked as an accountant before shifting gears and driving towards a passion and interest for helping others by pursuing a degree in psychology. Nadya assists with the CPTSD Sunday Group while offering insights and perspective with a caring approach.


DID Group Host

Apathy is a wise source of advice, and they have experience in counselling youth groups, or with marriage counselling in their community. With a combination of a practical and insightful approach, Apathy is a helpful and empathetic team member. They host the Tuesday DID group.


Loved Ones Group Host

Jenn has an undergraduate degree in psychology and is in Alberta, Canada. As an ally to this community with an interest in furthering our cause, Jenn ensures a welcome space to connect in the Loved Ones group.


CPTSD, and Loved Ones Group Host

Kristi is a registered social worker with nearly twenty years of experience. She is completing her master’s degree and assisting with the CPTSD and the Loved Ones groups. 


Replacement Group Host

Kim is a social worker in the USA, an author of a children’s book on coping with trauma, and a solid ally to this community. Kim is a replacement group host for when there is a need.


DID Group Host and Human Resources

Cat is a business champion with years of experience in HR recruitment in the USA. She assists with ideas on outreach, with organizational advice and hosts the Tuesday DID group.

Noa S

DP/DR/Fugue Group Host

Noa is from Vancouver, Canada and is passionate about contributing to caring, safe and accessible communities for people who need them. They host the DP/DR/Fugue group with a personal connection to the topic of dissociation.


DP/DR/Fugue Group Host

Harsimar is in Greater Vancouver and studies psychology. She hosts the DP/DR/Fuge group on Tuesdays with a grasp of the impact that dissociation can have on day-to-day life.

Noa B

Religious Trauma & Loved Ones Group Host

Noa lives in Toronto, Canada, and is experienced in leading groups and is pursuing psychology studies. She co-hosts the Religious Trauma group on Fridays, and the Loved Ones on Saturdays.


Organized Extreme Abuse Group Host

Deb has a background in early childhood education and parent education in the USA, and she has raised several children with her partner. She is a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach with several years of experience working with intimate partner betrayal trauma, addiction recovery, and survivors of SRA/MC/OA.


Grant Research and Writing


Grant Research and Writing


Group Host, Magazine, Member outreach, President

With an education and career in bioinformatics, Delta contributes to research and writing for Real Eyez Nation Magazine, hosts support groups, and assists with general management and with member communications. Delta adds to the Multiplied By One Org team from the USA with their passion and heart for this cause and its people.


Group Host, Magazine, Directory, Vice President

Rainbow is our longest-standing volunteer and began with hosting groups and later assisting with the magazine and the therapist directory intake. They are a clinical social worker in the USA and contribute to a welcoming feeling of home for the community.


Founder, Group Host & Coordinator, Magazine, Websites & SEO, Directory, General Administration & Management

Melissa is in Delta, BC, Canada, trained in peer support and has led support groups for youth and adults since 2015. She hosts the CPTSD, the DP/DR/Fugue, RTS, the OEA, and the DID support groups. Melissa created the magazine, built the websites, and is in executive charge of overall department management.


Previous Member Outreach, General Volunteer

Ally is a security and technology-focused volunteer assisting with general organizational needs and coordination efforts. She is passionate about expanding accessibility in all aspects of mental health in a safe and secure environment. 


Previous DID Group Host

As a host for the Thursday DID group, Finn-Lily studies psychology in Vancouver, Canada. They are a video game designer who takes a mental health angle with themes.


Previous Loved Ones Group Host

Claire is in her final year of University and is an honours student focusing on clinical research and counselling psychology. As a host for the Loved Ones group, Claire has experience volunteering for crisis centres and suicide hotlines in Vancouver, BC, Canada.


Previous CPTSD Group Host

Yuna worked as a psychologist in Japan for seven years before moving to Vancouver. In Canada, a degree from overseas is not accepted despite incredible experience and qualifications. As an admirable and determined spirit, Yuna returned to the education system to pursue the path that she is meant for while volunteering as a host with the CPTSD group.


Previous Religious Trauma Syndrome Group Host

Jane is studying psychology toward her Master’s degree in Vancouver, Canada, and assists with the Religious Trauma Syndrome group. Her volunteer experience includes an outreach program to reconnect homeless people with their family and friends by sending them a letter.