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Addiction Recovery Alternative to 12-Step

Trauma-Informed Addiction Recovery Groups, Alternative to 12-Step (T.I.A.R)

T.I.A.R Groups

T.I.A.R, Addiction Recovery Groups

No higher-power focus, no badges to win or lose, no defining for others what their recovery should look like, no requirement to ask for forgiveness, and no back at square one.

Addiction recovery groups (T.I.A.R) are an alternative to 12-step programs for addiction recovery of all forms. This includes substances, alcohol, eating disorders, and any unhealthy coping. As with other groups at Multiplied By One Org, these are conversation-style topic chats with two hosts to support the calls.

Avoid language encouraging addictive behaviour, while not shaming it. Respect the language used in reference to others, but do not police how one refers to themself.

Our Approach to T.I.A.R

Topics can surround solutions or goals, while recognizing there’s no one-size-fits all. Members connect on what helps or what doesn’t, mutual encouragement, as well as¬†relating via expressing experiences and perspectives.

All groups, including T.I.A.R, include what many 12-Step groups call, “Cross Talk.” While some may prefer the approach to not refer to, or validate another member, others need the feedback. Offering validation, or referring to another member’s share is what we consider support. Limitations remain on respecting boundaries.

Whether or not this group is right for you is an individual stance. All needs are valid when it comes to a recovery journey. We offer this program based on feedback, collaborative ideas, and with open minds.