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Dissociative Inclusive Somatics

Dissociative Inclusive Somatics Class

Nervous system regulation through movement, yoga and more

This somatics class is specifically for people with Dissociative Identities (DID/OSDD). This is not a therapy or support group, though support from a co-host in a breakout room will be available if needed during the sessions. Each practice will have many variations to apply according to ability, and there will be time to connect with others and share.

Participants must be at least 18 and live with dissociative identities. A screening call before joining the course involves providing basic health information and the opportunity for you to ask questions.

Attending a regular yoga or exercise class is often difficult when many share one body or experience various health issues. Some seek enjoyment. Some may not want to connect with the body; others might be desperate to do something to ease some tension or even pain through movement. 
You& are invited to join us from the safety of your own home to learn about your nervous system, explore tools for grounding self-regulation, and increase awareness of what your& needs are through movement, yoga and other practices to add to your& toolbox. This class will be about choice and empowering you&. All parts are welcome. Do what feels good and safe to practice.
The first 6-week series began on June 13th, leading until July 18th, 2024. The calls run on Thursdays at 9:45 to 11 am Pacific Standard Time.