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DID App for Dissociative Identity Disorder Systems

DID App for Dissociative Identity Disorder Systems

Multiplied By One App

Multiplied By One DID app is currently in production by volunteer developers and will be a Progressive Web App for assisting communication in Dissociative Identity Disorder systems.

To learn more about what DID or OSDD are, see our page on What is Dissociation.

When the concept creator of Multiplied By One app was looking for apps for her system, there were ideas in mind for what that could be, but when searching at the time, there were no apps for DID systems.

Multiplied By One app will be free for use and without ads.

Frequently Asked Questions

Multiplied By One App

What is the purpose of Multiplied By One App?

The goal is to give DID or OSDD systems a place to communicate with their own “Headmates.” This allows assistance for a system to get to know themselves. The hope is that, for those seeking functional multiplicity, it can aid in their acquiring that connection or goal. Another purpose is to aid the connection with a system and their therapist or treatment team with the use of the Treatment Hub. Often, a therapist will request a System Map, or, they may want to know what kind of communication that a system has attained with themselves. With the option to share chosen information to the HUB, and then to a Trusted Person, then this connection can be facilitated.

Will my data be secure?

Two-factor Authentication will be available to all accounts. The way that your data will be able to be stored or accessed will be under high restriction. This privacy is being carefully planned and will be set in place before the app goes live. The specifics will be detailed in the Terms of Service that can be reviewed when the option to create your account is made available with the app going live.

Can I delete my data if I choose to?

Yes. You can delete your data. Account passwords will need to be input in order to authorize deletion. Prior to deleting, you will have the option to download your data for your own records.

Who can create an account?

There is no restriction. The app is free to use. The purpose is for those who are systems, or for a Trusted Person to connect with a system. Anyone can create one.

Will the app be available to the visually impaired?

Yes. This accessibility feature will be put in place. It has been brought up with the development team and will be made available with inclusivity in mind.

Is there a limit to how many "The Eye" account spaces can be added to an account?

There’s no limit to how many Eye spaces can be made, except in that each Eye space first needs the associated name on the System Map, which is where the source of the connecting web for the “Headmates” names are. Only one Eye account can be created per System Map profile, so that there’s no confusion between Headmate identities. This allows the unity of who is who to be throughout all features. There is no limit to the number of System Map profiles, but each name provided to a profile needs to be different from other names by at least one character. That’s so the program can know who is who, for messaging purposes.

How is the app able to be free to use and without ads?

In a way, it isn’t free, as there are costs relating to both the development and later for maintaining data storage and other fees. It’s free for those who make accounts and use the app, but there is a cost to maintaining it. That fee will not be charged to those using the app,, but will be covered by Multiplied By One Org via funding from our other programs and services, or with the help of anyone willing and able to donate.