Dissociation Therapists

Dissociation Therapists Directory

Multiplied By One Org is beginning initial intake for a dissociation therapists directory. Professionals who are open to treating clients with Dissociative Identity Disorder or other dissociation classifications are invited to submit their interest.
While a few directories exist where therapists are listed with dissociative disorders in their profiles, they are often not accurately informed of what these disorders are or how to treat them. For those with Dissociative Identity Disorder, the search for a therapist is difficult, while they often encounter a therapist who is damaging and even traumatic.
No directory exists where professionals are screened for the understanding of both a trauma-informed approach and how to treat a client with DID. Multiplied By One Org is now creating this access point.
All those approved will be provided the means to create a profile for this directory. This will involve building the directory on a subdomain of the org domain.

Begin Initial Intake Process

Follow the link in the initial intake button to begin by filling out a questionnaire.